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The ONLY coating currently tested directly
against the human coronavirus

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Custom Coatings International has just approved GermGuard‑C®, a coating that will dramatically reduce the spread of Covid-19 on high contact surfaces.

Our coating has been independently lab tested directly against the human coronavirus  (229E) and proven effective.

It is best suited for high risk areas such as public transit and school furniture and suitable for use on all surfaces including fabric and electronic devices. Great for class rooms, gyms, high traffic areas, public transportation, work camps, checkout counters, offices, seniors homes, pin pads, retail stores and restaurants to name a few.

We provide a team to ensure the proper application of protection either onsite or in our shop.

We provide specialized training so you can determine the need of when to repair or re-coat your protective film. Training includes repair kits for your company so you can remain protected between scheduled recoats.

Key Features

  • GermGuard-C® provides 99.9% germ protection for 90 days or more dependant on wear and mechanical integrity.
  • Waterborne thin film protection against bacteria and viruses.
  • Self sanitizing reduces the need for continuous disinfection.
  • 99% effective as per ISO 18184
  • Inactivates pathogens on surfaces through a contact killing mechanism
  • Effective nanomaterials with no cytotoxicity
  • It can be applied on metal, wood, plastic, glass, fabrics, leather, concrete walls, tiles and electronic devices including cell phones, laptops and pin pads.

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