Industrial Coatings


Industrial Internal Linings

Applying epoxies to pipe (spools) is the most common way of providing a barrier of protection to slow corrosion or prevent wear of the base material. Numerous internal coating choices exist, selecting the correct coating based on the operating environment is crucial to success. Let us help you choose the best option!


Epoxy & Polyurethane Coatings

The epoxy/ polyurethane systems are the most durable above grade systems and are designed for both functional and aesthetics and perform quite favourable in chemical environments. Epoxies are designed for protection of the base material however they are not stable in UV Light and will chalk and break down over time. A Polyurethane top coat can be applied over the epoxy to prevent this from happening. Polyurethanes are designed to withstand UV Light and are strong enough that they will hold the various sheens they are available in and maintain color retention that they are specified for.


Alkyd Primer & Paint Systems

Alkyd primer and topcoat systems are designed to protect equipment by providing a corrosion barrier and are also used for aesthetic purposes. These systems are good in environments with temperature fluctuations and will not be affected by UV light. The cost of these systems are less than epoxy / polyurethane systems but the resulting lifespan of the coating is also much shorter.


Coatings For Under Insulation

Coatings for Under Insulation (CUI) coatings are immersion grade epoxies and are designed to operate with the cyclical changes in temperatures under insulation on piping and equipment. Piping and equipment not coated can be affected by temperature cycles resulting in humidity forming under the insulation. Adding a coating will create a barrier and eliminate corrosion from forming on the base material.


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